Visitor Plant Tours

Integro Building Systems has designed a quality assurance program to ensure the delivery of an architecturally sound, safe and environmentally efficient building. Each project is stringently tested to meet your specific needs.

  • Visitors must wear safety glasses which will be provided to them.
  • Visitors must walk within the aisles. Going beyond the yellow safety lines, visitors will be required to CSA approved steel toe safety shoes.
  • Visitors must be accompanied by the host employee at all times during the plant and office tour.
  • No photography allowed unless authorized by the host employee.
  • Group visitors must stay together; no wandering off from the group/host.
  • Flip-flops, slippers and any other open toe shoe are not acceptable on the plant floor. Employees are required to wear steel-toe, green CSA approved safety shoes.
  • Tank tops, crop tops, shorts and capris pants are not acceptable. Short or long sleeves shirts and long pants are required. Short sleeves must reach at elbow to be acceptable on the plant floor.

If an unannounced visitor arrives for the sole purpose of reviewing materials/products in the plant, please be aware of the following:

  • Visits and plant tours must be scheduled ahead of time.
  • Visitors must have a contact employee that will act as their host for the duration of their visit.
  • Visitors must outline their purpose for the plant tour.
  • Visitors must receive authorization prior to their arrival for a plant tour.
Warehouse tour image
Warehouse tour image

Any visitors that are uncooperative or show aggression, violence, harass and/or demean employees/other visitors, will be removed from Company premises.

By continuing with your visit at Integro Building Systems, you are agreeing to the terms stated above, and acknowledge that failure to adhere to any of the above guidelines will result in being removed from the plant tour.