For Release: January 4, 2018


New York, N.Y./Toronto, Ontario (January 4, 2018) --Established only 33 months ago, Integro Building Systems, headquartered in Toronto with offices and operations throughout North America, reported today that it has completed or is constructing under contract more than 1.5 million square feet of curtain wall in six U.S. and Canadian cities, and has achieved the milestone of approximately $70 million in annualized sales revenue for 2017, the fastest growth from startup to this level in the industry.

After less than three years of operation, the company's sales would rank approximately in the top 12 in the North American curtain wall industry and in the top five in Canada.

Formed in Spring 2015, the company is led by some of the curtain wall industry's most respected leaders and operators, each with an average of at least 30 years of global industry experience - - all former executive managers or owners of some of the largest curtain wall companies in the U.S. and Canada, including Enclos Corp, Gamma USA, Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope (part of Oldcastle, Inc.), Antamex International, Inc., and State Window Corporation.

  • "These individuals include: Jim Mitchell, Integro CEO, President and Director, formerly of Gamma, Oldcastle, and Antamex; and Ed Ruzic, Integro CFO, also formerly of Gamma, Oldcastle, Antamex and H.H. Robertson Co.. The following are Investors/Directors of Integro: Chris Liberta, owner/partner in Canada's State Window; Glen Pestrin, owner/partner of York Marble Tile and Terrazzo Ltd; Elliot Kracko, previously, founder of Gamma USA and Glassalum International.; and Bob Chafee, previously, majority owner of Antamex.

"We are delighted that a number of North America's most respected owners, developers, general contractors and architects, with whom we have worked for up to three decades, have been drawn back to our Integro team and our unique approach to projects, which we call 'Integrity-Based Performance,' says Jim Mitchell, Integro CEO and President.

Integro has five North American offices and is staffed by over 120 seasoned building envelope professionals in Florida, Toronto, Vancouver, Cincinnati and Dallas. "We are able to supply the highest level in curtain wall construction including any/all facets of building envelopes to the North American market - - either in complete packages or individual services, all from our in-house design/assist, engineering, manufacturing and installation capabilities," Mitchell says.

According to Mitchell, current Integro projects involve respected names in the construction and development industry with whom Integro principals have worked over the decades. Integro is presently working with Millennium Partners, The Cadillac Fairview Corporation Limited, Solow Building Company, PCL Construction Services, Richard Meier & Partners Architects LLP, Handel Architects LLP and B + H Architects. Integro projects cover the curtain wall spectrum ranging from more standardized curtain wall product offerings to specialized, customized monumental and mid-sized residential and commercial towers in such North American centers as New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, Miami and Toronto.

As Mitchell explains, Integro's competitively advantaged capabilities include:

- State-of-the-art domestic-only North American production capacity that ranks in the top 10 in size in the industry - - with 182,000 sq. ft. of total production and assembly capacity, with 75,000 sq. ft. in Florida, 75,000 sq. ft. in Toronto and 32,000 sq. ft. in Vancouver, and with additional engineering support and sales representation from offices in Cincinnati and Dallas.

- All Integro projects are manufactured in our North American facilities, and all design/assist and engineering work is performed in North America.

- Integro has a strategic alliance with State Window, one of Canada's largest window wall companies with 250,000 sq. ft. of window wall fabrication facilities, to supply window wall to North American customers.

"Integrity-Based Performance": Four Elements
Mitchell points to four key elements in Integro's "Integrity-Based Performance" approach for clients, which he says distinguishes the company in the curtain wall construction industry.

  • First, we are a relationship based company - - we like to do projects with customers with whom our principals have worked repeatedly over the years, just as our principals have worked together for decades. We carefully monitor the amount of business we take on to assure delivery on time, on budget, without compromising quality. We do not overstretch; with busy market activity, we start hiring and putting into place the additional and necessary people resources in advance of market driven company growth to avoid design, engineering or production bottlenecks.

  • Second, Integro offers the highest level of operational flexibility, production agility and speed to market in the North American industry - - producing fast turnaround and responsiveness and the highest level of clients' confidence in a smooth and successful project completion. We are one of the few companies able to fabricate at any of our facilities to deliver on time regardless of project location. Slowdowns and delays often prevalent at other companies' more siloed engineering or production facilities are avoided.

  • Third, Integro has a "one company" operating approach with a unitary North American business structure with just a single profit center - - the overall company as a whole. This helps eliminate internal competition and inefficiencies frequently found within the industry.

  • And last, Integro delivers "Above and Beyond" style customer service - - looking around corners and over the horizon to spot and resolve issues before they become problems. Quality and delivery as promised are never accidents," Mitchell says.

About Integro
One of the largest curtain wall companies in North America, Integro is led, operated and owned by the industry's most experienced and respected team. Its "Integrity-Based Performance" approach repeatedly draws as clients North America's most respected owners, developers, general contractors and architects. Integro serves clients across North America and has offices in five North American cities. For more information, click on