Posted on June 13, 2018

Integro Building Systems Achieves First Ranking on National Glass Assn.'s Top 50 Glaziers List

NEW YORK, N.Y./TORONTO, ONTARIO (June 13, 2018) - - After only 3+ years of initial operation, Integro Building Systems has been named one of the Top 50 Glaziers based on 2017 revenues, according to the just-released rankings from Glass Magazine/National Glass Association. Integro achieved $72 million in sales in 2017 in its first 2.75 years of operation, representing one of the fastest to this sales level in the industry, with 120 employees in five North American locations and projects in seven U.S. and Canadian cities. In Canada, Integro’s revenues would rank the company among the top five.

Specifically, the Top 50 Glaziers list cited these facts about Integro:

  • The company ranked #20 on the list (in the group with revenues between $50-$100 million). Based on Integro’s efficient management of operations and highly competitive project costs, the company also had the lowest employee count compared to all but one competitor in the Top 22.

  • Integro was identified in Glass Magazine's 2018 Annual Report "Moving Up" section as only one of 6 new companies joining the Top 50 list in 2018.

  • The company also was identified in Glass Magazine's 2018 Annual Report "Market Section" as only one of 2 companies with 100% growth from 2016-2017, of the 31 companies reporting sales increases in that period.

“Integro’s ‘Integrity-Based Performance’ strategy for clients is the driving force behind these results,” comments Jim Mitchell, Integro CEO and President.

Strategy, Industry Pitfalls and Tariffs

In light of Glass Magazine’s statistic that the combined 2017 gross revenues of the top 50 firms represents nearly a 15% increase over the 2016 combined gross, Mitchell explains how the company strategy is designed to work around frequent industry-wide pitfalls.

“In a high growth, high demand marketplace environment such as the one we have experienced in recent years, a number of industry pitfalls can appear,” he comments. Demand can produce upward price pressures, exacerbated by new tariffs on aluminum which is widely used in curtain wall. And skilled curtain wall labor can be in short availability.

Mitchell comments that “our strategy anticipates and accommodates developments like these, for a number of important reasons.”

First, Integro’s two country, multi-location production strategy helps mitigate or avoid increased cost surprises for clients. “We order material for our U.S. jobs from U.S extruders and materials for our Canadian jobs from Canadian extruders, so tariffs likely do not come into play,” he says. Additionally, Integro is one of the few companies able to manufacture “closer-to-the-client” at any one of its geographically-diverse production facilities regardless of project location, thus holding down costs and transportation delays.

The company’s state-of-the-art domestic-only North American production capacity ranks in the top 10 in size in the industry – – with 200,000 sq. ft. of total production and assembly capacity, with 75,000 sq. ft. in Florida, 75,000 sq. ft. in Toronto and 50,000 sq. ft. in Vancouver, and with additional engineering support and sales representation from offices in Cincinnati and Dallas. Thus, the company is able to deliver the highest level of operational project flexibility, production agility and speed to market in the North American industry – – producing fast turnaround and responsiveness. And for quality assurance, all Integro projects are controlled and manufactured in our North American facilities, and all design/assist and engineering work is performed in North America.

Lastly, Integro’s relationship-based client approach avoids labor shortfalls, design, engineering or production bottlenecks frequent in the industry because, according to Mitchell, “we do not overstretch- - with busy market activity, we start hiring and putting into place any additional and necessary skilled people resources in advance of market driven company growth. We carefully monitor the amount of business we take on to assure delivery on time, on budget, without compromising quality.”

About Integro
One of the largest curtain wall companies in North America, Integro is led, operated and owned by the industry's most experienced and respected team. Its "Integrity-Based Performance" approach repeatedly draws as clients North America's most respected owners, developers, general contractors and architects. Integro serves clients across North America and has offices in five North American cities. For more information, click on