Quality Assurance & Testing

We build quality into our process before we start to build the product.

We Know that Performance Counts

Integro Building Systems has designed a quality assurance program to ensure the delivery of an architecturally sound, safe and environmentally efficient building. Each project is stringently tested to meet your specific needs.

The Integro Quality Assurance Team

In order to deliver high quality and consistency, Integro’s quality assurance team is centralized. We work closely with each of our locations to ensure all standard operating procedures are replicated seamlessly for every project, with the ability to allow for customization on specific job requirements.

The QA Team is responsible for:

  • Developing and maintaining the Integro Quality Assurance Manual.
  • Creating all process documentation for each Integro site.
  • Administering company – wide training on: department processes and project specific procedures and work instructions.

Integro's documented procedures cover:

  • Receiving inspection and storage
  • Cutting and machining
  • Picking and sub assembly of frame components
  • Assembly, glazing and bunking
  • In process and final inspection
Quality Testing

"Birth Certificates" and “Story Boards"

Each frame contains a dated record sheet, which Integro coins as its “birth certificate.” The birth certificate acts as a quality checklist that is “born” at the picking stage and travels with the frame through assembly and glazing then to bunking where it is collected and stored by Quality Assurance.

Every installed frame contains a unique number code, which allows it to be identified anywhere on the building. Should any issues arise, Integro can quickly resolve it by tracing the unique number back to the birth certificate providing valuable information such as when it was built, who built it and traceability back to silicone lot and batch numbers.

“Story Boards” show step by step methods of assembly and glazing to ensure compliance with the Client’s project specific requirements. As an assistive tool to the engineering drawings the Story boards are a series of pictorials with definitions describing in exact detail the assembly and glazing of each frame.